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Disinfection of ventilation systems

We do it immediately, at a low price! We carry out the treatment at a transparent price that is lower than the market.

Order the disinfection of ventilation from viruses at a moderate price. Specify the area of the premises and get the price for disinfection. We provide a complete package of documents for Rospotrebnadzor! We are licensed for cleaning and disinfection.

How are the ventilation systems disinfected?

Our sanitary doctor inspects the ventilation systems at the site, provides a detailed report, and fills out the inspection act. Next, an activity plan is being developed to outline the process of the ventilation systems disinfection.

Upon calculating the price, we consider the cleaning method chosen by the customer, the diameter and length of the aspiration system, the contamination degree, and the number of sections and bends. High-quality disinfection of ventilation system has a reasonable cost because we are aware of our customers' needs. Or you can specify the area of the premises in the calculator above, and we could advise you of the price!


of microclimate, namely measuring the temperature, humidity, and strength of airflows

the effectiveness of the work previously executed

Disinfection from microorganisms: elimination of bacteria, mold, microbes, viruses

Cleaning dust deposits from air circuits:
removing dirt from the inner surface
Air conditioner cleaning and disinfection
Cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner
Removing dirt from the inner surfaces of the engine
Assembling/ disassembling of the engine

от 1400
90 /m.p.
40 /m.p.
от 1960
Analysis of the results
and the selection of disinfectants

of the ventilation system with special equipment

126 /m.p.
Cleaning of scroll housing:
cleaning of bends, working mechanisms, extractor fan
от 2100
от 1960
Cleaning grease from the ventilation
от 19600
Microbiology testing

от 1200
The agent solution with the disinfectant is prepared individually and applied to the surface of ventilation systems by spraying. In addition, mechanical cleaning is used as well; it allows removing grease, dust, dirt, soot, garbage, and traces of vital activities of rodents and insects.

The choice of equipment for ventilation systems disinfection depends on the degree and nature of their contamination.

Documents for Rospotrebnadzor
By the completion of works, we draw up and fill out the ventilation disinfection log. Our signatures and seals are valid for all the regulatory authorities because we are licensed for these activities.

We do business with enterprises under both one-time and long-term contracts. The contract for disinfection of ventilation systems is more profitable than the one-time visits of our specialists.
You save money on each visit of our team.
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