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Treatment from bedbugs in Moscow. Disinsection for hotels and hostels

Bedbugs will no longer interfere with your business! We will organize and carry out the complete extermination of bedbugs and other insects. We achieve the bedbugs extermination in one step. It is carried out with a fog generator and by using a combination of new groups of preparations. Bedbugs have no chance!

Our standards for the extermination of bedbugs

We are invited when the others cannot cope with insects. For us, combating bedbugs is not only the treatment of corners and mattresses with some garden sprayer; first of all, it is the application of a set of efficient measures.

We specialize in the treatment of premises heavily infested with insects, such as dormitories, hostels, migrant apartments, any places with plenty of insects. The cost of treatment will not increase!

Preparation of the premises performed by the customer
The customer shall prepare the premises for treatment according to our instructions.

The premises are inspected by our disinfector
Our disinfection professional identifies problem areas and checks the premises.

Treatment with cold fog
Fine-dispersed treatment is carried out by powerful equipment with the use of a combination of efficient preparations.


up to 50 m²
up to 100 m²
up to 1000 m²
2500 ₽
3000 ₽
4000 ₽
3500 ₽
Based on the survey results
+ 1500 ₽
The minimum price for the treatment from bedbugs is 2900 rubles.

The preparation used is odorless

+ 2000 ₽
We use a combination of 2 efficient preparations

Fog generator (included in the price for dormitories)

+ 1500 ₽
We are invited when the others cannot cope with bedbugs. For us, combating bedbugs does not mean just spraying the surfaces; first of all, we apply a set of efficient measures.

The proper organization of work and preparations
We ask our customer to prepare the premises according to our super instructions. Our responsible senior official – the sanitary doctor gives instructions to our disinfector

We need to get more accurate information about previously used preparations and treatment methods from our customer.

We choose modern preparation groups that the insects have no resistance to. We bring to light all the places being hard to reach. The disinfector inspects the premises with a flashlight.
Selection of preparations and their combination
Treatment of industrial premises is carried out with a cold fog generator. We use a combination of preparations. Microencapsulated substances of treatment are odorless and supplied in high concentration.
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