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Using fog generators, we neutralize odors quickly and at affordable prices.
Deodorization quality standards

Our specialists have extensive experience in disinfection and elimination of unpleasant odors. Upon completion of works on the site, we provide a complete package of necessary documents.

We identify and neutralize the source of the smell; if necessary, we disinfect and carry out general deodorization of the entire room with the help of dry fog generators. All these items are included in the price of our work. Our specialist will consult you FOR FREE!

First step
We identify and eliminate the smell source

Second step
We provide the treatment with disinfectants

Third step
We fulfil the deodorization by a fog generator

up to 40
up to 60
up to 100
3500 ₽
4500 ₽
6500 ₽
5500 ₽
7500 ₽
4500 ₽
Deodorization of the apartment
4500 ₽
Indoor smell of tobacco and cigarette smoke
To completely neutralize the smell of tobacco, it is enough to treat the premises with dry fog only. Dry fog does not just aromatize the room while masking the tobacco smell; it completely neutralizes this smell, providing the room with a new aroma. The tobacco smell does not return.

The smell of animal and human waste products

We identify the smell sources with the specific equipment. If there is any waste localization (for example, remnants of vomit or feces, traces of animals), we eliminate it locally with powerful anti-odor agents completely dissolving the smell source.
The smell of mold, dampness, rotting organic matter.
The main thing is to find and eliminate the cause. If the cause of the smell in the house is the corpse of a rodent (rat or mouse), you will have to first remove it, then disinfect it, and only then process the room to eliminate the unpleasant odor.
Dry fog treatment does not mask but removes unpleasant odors, ejecting and replacing the molecules of pollutants.
If you are disturbed by the smell of tobacco and cigarette smoke on the premises, just call us!
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