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COVID-19 Disinfection service
in Moscow

Order disinfection for eliminating coronavirus and other respiratory viral infections. The lowest price on the market. Check it out!

Types of disinfection
Now the disinfection market is much overheated due to the current requirements of the Russian Consumer Protection Agency – Rospotrebnadzor for disinfection after detected cases of coronavirus, as well as due to the presence of exposed persons. If even one infected person is detected, disinfection of the entire building or office from COVID-19 is required. Now the disinfector is the one who has grabbed the sprayer first! But most of those who do it have no required permits.

The price for disinfection comprises the following elements: the cost of the disinfection team visit, the disinfectants applied, and the disinfectant consumption in the treated area. Despite the shortage of disinfectants on the market, we buy preparations at a low price directly from suppliers. Also, we have been serving our regular customers for 20 years, so our prices are lower than those of our competitors.

Preventive disinfection
disinfection itself and prevention of new infections
Final disinfection
disinfection of the premises where the infected person and their exposed persons stayed
Focal disinfection
disinfection made directly in the focus of the disease
Treatment of surfaces by wiping

Disinfection of the car

from COVID-19
up to 60 m²
from 100 m² to 500 m²
from 500 m² to1000 m²
from 1000 m² to 2500 m²
more than 10000 m²
more than 2500 m²
49 ₽/m²
Preventive treatment of a residential compound

3 ₽/m²
7 ₽/m²
300 ₽/10 units
more than 25000 m²
5 ₽/m²
from 700
2900 ₽
25 ₽/m²
15 ₽/m²
11 ₽/m²
11000 ₽
3900 ₽
How we provide our services

Getting ready for the disinfection
We do our business with trusted suppliers of disinfectants. We buy preparations without extra charges, that is why our prices are lower than those of our competitors. We use COVID-19 disinfectants recommended by Rospotrebnadzor.

Documents for Rospotrebnadzor
We provide a contract, an act of provided services, and a set of required documents – the State Registration Certificates (SRC), instructions for the preparations usage.

Generators of hot and cold fog spray the solution in the form of tiny particles lodging on horizontal surfaces and the ceiling. There is no better way for a thorough treatment.

Individual approach
Young disinfection professionals

Services for business of any type
We work with legal entities. We draw up all the necessary documents, conclude an individual contract. Discounts are provided for regular customers.

Transparent prices
The price already includes a full package of documents confirming the works performed. The guarantee for the works fulfilled has been included in this amount as well.

We provide the urgent visit of our specialists!
We will arrive on the day you have applied, or you can schedule the treatment at a date and time convenient for you. No extra charge!

We will not use your data for sending advertising messages.

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