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About the Dobrolov company

LLC "Department of Disinfection Business" has been operating in the Moscow region since 2002 and has extensive practical experience in the field of disinsection, deratization, disinfection at food industry enterprises, shopping centers, public catering network organizations.

The basis of our company is master disinfectants. We employ only young, active masters who are really passionate about this work! In our company, we create an atmosphere for solving complex problems.
Dobrolov is a comic book superhero who went on the warpath with rats and cockroaches - this is reflected in the company's logo and corporate identity. The main thing in the process of destroying pests is the professionalism of the disinfector.
Our team
There are no random people in our company. All candidates undergo training and internship. Disinfectants are constantly improving their skills in special courses.
Dmitry Dubinin Mitrofanovich
disinfectologist, Ph.D.
Dubinin Nikolay Dmitrievich
Director of quality,
Orlova Marina Ivanovna
Deputy General Director
Alexey Anosov
Technical Director
Julia Manastyrskaya
Lead accountant
Azam Ayubov
Master Disinfector, Leading Cockroach Specialist
Maxim Khmarik
Master disinfector
Amin Barotov
Disinfector assistant
Master disinfector
Master disinfector
Our state
35 disinfectants
6 disinfectologists
3 pest managers
1 entomologist
1 zoologist
Our differences
from competitors
We advocate a medical approach to work. The company employs sanitary doctors, our masters make a "diagnosis", give recommendations on "treatment"
We use our own techniques. For example, we hardly ever do aerosol treatments. We use gels in non-food enterprises and powders in food. This gives the best result and the Customer's personnel does not suffer from aerosol exposure.
Only young, responsible craftsmen! Women and men over 40 years old do not work for us as craftsmen, they do not correspond to this work. Usually, the treatments are carried out by aunts in white coats with sprayers
Full facility management, pest prevention. Account manager is a sanitary doctor, not a salesman
Urgent visit of specialists in case of detection of pests at no additional cost