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Extermination of flies for enterprises, disinsection in Moscow and the Moscow region

We save your time and money! We develop a range of preventive measures to combat flying insects. We enter into the most difficult cases.

Don't let the flies harm the image of your company!
We use a complex of methods for the complete extermination of flies and midges.

We apply a set of methods and achieve good results. We find the cause of the flies appearance, use efficient preparations, develop tactics for each specific case.

First rule
We find and eliminate the causes of the flies appearance

Second rule
We lay baits and traps, use combinations of efficient preparations

Third rule
We monitor and adjust the treatment program

up to 50 m²
up to 100 m²
up to 300 m²
up to 500 m²
up to 1000 m²
from 1000 m²
2200 ₽
2800 ₽
20 ₽/m²
15 ₽/m²
20 ₽/m²
3500 ₽
35 ₽/m²
3500 ₽
25 ₽/m²
10 ₽/m²
The prices are negotiable
The minimum price for the treatment from flies is 2900 rubles.
In our team, we have

Only young, responsible, highly qualified, and active disinfectors.
They are trained in our training department and at complex sites – the training ranges.

We provide the full management of your site, prevention of the pests appearance
Responsible account manager – our sanitary doctor
In case of pests detection, an urgent visit of specialists won't require additional costs
Visit of our sanitary doctor.
Selection of individual measures and development of recommendations for the prevention of the pests appearance (free of charge)

We identify the reasons for pests appearance and ask for help with the elimination of these reasons to the managers of restaurants and food production enterprises. In this case, we use the gel treatment method and select a preparation that can exterminate the existing population of insects.
We guarantee 100% extermination of pests in certain periods of time:
1st month – we show a significant decrease in the pest population. You will notice the result immediately.
By the end of the 2nd month, the pests remain in sporadic places, and they are completely exterminated within the 3rd month.
We will not use your data for sending advertising messages.

Invite our sanitary doctor for a free examination. 100% confidential!

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