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Extermination of rats (deratization) at enterprises in the Moscow region

Don't let mice and rats interfere with your business! We will completely exterminate rodents in 3 months using a complex of methods and provide a monthly guarantee for the result. No odor.

We are invited when the others cannot solve the problem. We fix other disinfectors' mistakes!
For us, the deratization is not just laying the factory-made briquettes of poisonous bait or spotting some containers; we apply a complex of measures. Our professionals exterminate rodents in huge markets, enterprises, and restaurants. For 20 years of our work, there was no facility where we haven't coped with pests.

The price of deratization shall comprise the following elements: the cost of the disinfection team visit and the disinfectants applied in the treated area. We buy preparations directly from suppliers at a low price. Therefore, our prices are lower than those of our competitors.

First month
the pests downsizing guaranteed
Second month
some problem points remain
Third month
we guarantee the complete pests extermination
For food
up to 50 m²
50...100 m²
100...300 m²
300...500 m²
500...1000 m²
Shawarma snack bar near metro stations
from1000 m²
2200 ₽
2800 ₽
20 ₽/m²
15 ₽/m²
20 ₽/m²
3500 ₽
35 ₽/m²
3500 ₽
25 ₽/m²
4500 ₽
10 ₽/m²
The prices are negotiable
How it goes
Search for rodents burrows and their migration routes
We interview the staff on the site in detail: where they see mices or rats, where their burrows are located; we find out how rodents enter the building and move around the territory.
Tamponing of rodents burrows and their migration routes
When rodents move along their migration routes to their burrows, they break through the established barriers – tampons with a poisonous preparation, and get dirty with the poison. Then the rodents are washing, and these preparations get into their mouths; it causes their death. It is the most effective method of rodents extermination without applying bait.

Selection and preparation of bait
Rats live on the territories of enterprises producing various foods; thus, they most often do not want to eat factory-prepared poisonous briquettes covered with paraffin. That's why we have been preparing the bait for many years and choose the best recipes.
Installation of glue traps
First of all, our disinfectors will install glue traps. It allows catching the main population of rodents mechanically at the first stage and avoiding the appearance of an unpleasant odor on the site. Up to 5 individuals can be overtaken by one glue trap.

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