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Treatment of land plots from ticks in Moscow and the Moscow region

Protection from ticks and annoying mosquitoes and midges for the entire current season.
Our standards for the extermination of ticks

Need an assistance guarantee from highly qualified specialists? We can rid you of the problem, save your time, money, and nerves. Order our service right now. Our guarantee is valid for the whole season (provided the sanitary standards for the territory maintenance are observed).

Treatment is carried out with hot or cold fog generators. We use acaricidal preparations made in Europe and registered in the Russian Federation under the established procedure. The treatment of the territory by these preparations is the most effective. It can protect the site from ticks for 3-5 months and scare away the annoying mosquitoes and midges.

First month
Insects perish within 2 hours after the treatment

Second month
Rare, single individuals could occur

Third month
Complete absence of pests

up to 10 ares

up to 30 ares

up to 50 ares
1 ha

5 ha

cost per hundred square meters - 5000 ₽
cost per hundred square meters - 500 ₽

cost per hundred square meters - 450 ₽
cost per hundred square meters - 200 ₽

cost per hundred square meters - 100 ₽
The minimum price for the treatment from ticks is 2900 rubles.

Destruction of local nests
Our specialists inspect the territory: the favorite nesting places of ticks are trees, mown grass, piles of garbage.

Extermination of ticks
Our employees treat the entire territory where the pest nests are assumed to be. We do it with generators of hot and cold fog.

Selection of preparations
We select treatment methods taking into account all the wishes of the customer. All the applied preparations are safe for animals and human beings.

Blocking the possible points of entry of insects
Treatment of the land plot perimeter, recreation areas, pathways, bushes, and tall grass
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