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Pest control (PEST-CONTROL) for food production throughout Russia. Pest control with control points in critical areas

We organize a pest control system from scratch. We will install the equipment. A complete set of documents. We will destroy pests. We will pass the audit 100%. The largest production facilities in Russia have been audited with us for over 20 years.
Our pest control standards
We will draw up an individual project for the implementation of pest control at enterprises in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. We take into account the size, layout of industrial premises and adjacent territories, localization of pests and population characteristics.
Departure - not charged. Prices are indicated without VAT. Development of documentation - pest control programs, placement schemes are included in the price. We purchase drugs directly from suppliers at a low cost. Therefore, our prices are lower than those of our competitors.
We carry out
all customer requirements and comply with standards

We identify
critical areas and penetration routes

tactics, we install modern equipment in shelters
Serving one
control point
Installation of 1 control
shelter points
Light trap
Check Point
against cockroaches
Providing a package of documents,
accounting documentation

Preparing for the audit


We control
lines of defense and actively identify problem areas
Keep documentation
we draw up reports and carry out analysis
The minimum cost of Pest-control is 9,000 rubles.
Identification of all nests, burrows and migration routes
We will interrogate the staff of the facility in detail: where they see rats, where are burrows, find out how rodents enter the building and move around the territory
Installation of light traps against flying insects
In production and storage facilities at food processing enterprises, it is one of the prerequisites for the development and implementation of the HACCP System in production.
Treatment with hot and cold mist generators. This allows you to achieve an even, dense and uniform distribution of the drug over the entire surface.
Installation of glue traps and mechanical traps
Specialists will install glue traps - this will allow, at the first stage, to mechanically catch the main population of rats and avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor at the facility. Up to 5 individuals can be caught per glue trap
Full documentation maintenance
Development, maintenance and modernization of documentation
Selection and preparation of bait
Among the variety of food enterprises, rats, most often, do not want to eat ready-made factory-made poisonous briquettes covered with paraffin - therefore, for many years we have been preparing the bait ourselves and choosing the best recipes.
Corrective Action Formulation
Formulation of corrective actions, recommendations for your specific case
Application for an expert examination
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